Echoes from Europe - 1994
Blasmusik Texas

Conducted by Herbert Bilhartz

After the successful tour of Southern Germany, Alsace,
and Luxembourg in 1994, the band decided to make a
recording that would capture the spirit and excitement of
the trip. This is our tribute to the music we played and the
friends we made.

Recorded November 4, 1995, at the Hermann
Sons Grand Lodge Auditorium in San Antonio
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Trumpet Echo Polka Slavko Avsenik
Auf geht's Baum II - Ländler arr. Walter Tuschla
Sounds of Friendship March Siegfried Rundel
Popular Polonaise Pavel Stanek
Archduke Albrecht March Karel Komzak
Csardas Clarinet Solo Vittorio Monti
Bohemian Woods Waltz Traditional
Birds of the Meadow Polka Josef Poncar
Marche Lorraine Louis Ganne
Alsatian Birthday Polka Paul Boistelle
Hans im Schnokeloch Paul Boistelle
Put Your Little Foot Waltz Traditional
Beautiful Memories Waltz Antonin Borovicka
Blue Eyes Polka Jaromir Vejvoda
Rehlingen 1994 - Medley Norbert Studnitzky
Snow Waltz Thomas Koschat

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